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Beyond Clothing


Beyond Clothing A6-0132-C10 A6 Rain Pant

The Beyond Clothing A6-0132-C10 A6 Rain Pant from Down Range Tactical Outfitters is a lightweight and highly packable GORE-TEX® pant designed for static protection against wind and rain. Sized to be worn over mid-layers, the A6 Rain Pant features 2-way side seam zippers that allow for pocket accessibility, ventilation, and easy layering while wearing boots. Pack the A6 Rain Pant for waterproof protection against the elements.


• Lightweight 3-Layer GORE-TEX® Waterproof Laminate
• Elastic waistband cinch with a low-profile G-Hook buckle
• Zippered thigh pockets
• 2-way side seam zippers
• Seam sealed
• Made in the USA


PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-BLKRS | Color: Black | Size: Small/Reg
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-BLKRM | Color: Black | Size: Medium/Reg
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-BLKLM | Color: Black | Size: Medium/Long
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-BLKRL | Color: Black | Size: Large/Reg
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-BLKLL | Color: Black | Size: Large/Long
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-BLKRXL | Color: Black | Size: X-Large/Reg
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-BLKLXL | Color: Black | Size: X-Large/Long
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-BLKR2XL | Color: Black | Size: 2XL/Reg

PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-COYRS | Color: Coyote | Size: Small/Reg
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-COYRM | Color: Coyote | Size: Medium/Reg
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-COYLM | Color: Coyote | Size: Medium/Long
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-COYRL | Color: Coyote | Size: Large/Reg
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-COYLL | Color: Coyote | Size: Large/Long
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-COYRXL | Color: Coyote | Size: X-Large/Reg
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-COYLXL | Color: Coyote | Size: X-Large/Long
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-COYR2XL | Color: Coyote | Size: 2XL/Reg

PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-MC0RS | Color: Multicam | Size: Small/Reg
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-MC0RM | Color: Multicam | Size: Medium/Reg
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-MC0LM | Color: Multicam | Size: Medium/Long
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-MC0RL | Color: Multicam | Size: Large/Reg
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-MC0LL | Color: Multicam | Size: Large/Long
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-MC0RXL | Color: Multicam | Size: X-Large/Reg
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-MC0LXL | Color: Multicam | Size: X-Large/Long
PN: 1212P-A6-0132-C10-MC0R2XL | Color: Multicam | Size: 2XL/Reg