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Beyond Clothing


Beyond Clothing A7-0122-C10 A7 Cold Pant

The Beyond Clothing A7-0122-C10 A7 Cold Pant from Down Range Tactical Outfitters is designed for warmth in extreme cold environments. This pant is built with a DWR coated nylon ripstop shell over Climashield® APEX Insulation. The APEX insulation keeps you warm, retains heat while wet and dries much faster than down. The Nylon ripstop shell repels rain and wind. Sized to be worn over mid-layers, the A7 Cold Pant has 2-way side seam zippers that allow for pocket accessibility, ventilation, and easy layering while wearing boots. Wear the A7 Cold Pant to stay warm while static in extreme cold climates.


• Climashield® APEX Insulation
• Nylon Ripstop with DWR
• Elastic waistband
• Zippered thigh pockets
• 2-way Side seam zippers with hook and loop ankle closures
• Sized to fit over midlayers
• Made in the USA


PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-BLKRS | Color: Black | Size: Small/Reg
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-BLKRM | Color: Black | Size: Medium/Reg
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-BLKLM | Color: Black | Size: Medium/Long
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-BLKRL | Color: Black | Size: Large/Reg
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-BLKLL | Color: Black | Size: Large/Long
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-BLKRXL | Color: Black | Size: X-Large/Reg
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-BLKLXL | Color: Black | Size: X-Large/Long
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-BLKR2XL | Color: Black | Size: 2XL/Reg

PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-COYRS | Color: Coyote | Size: Small/Reg
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-COYRM | Color: Coyote | Size: Medium/Reg
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-COYLM | Color: Coyote | Size: Medium/Long
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-COYRL | Color: Coyote | Size: Large/Reg
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-COYLL | Color: Coyote | Size: Large/Long
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-COYRXL | Color: Coyote | Size: X-Large/Reg
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-COYLXL | Color: Coyote | Size: X-Large/Long
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-COYR2XL | Color: Coyote | Size: 2XL/Reg

PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-MC0RS | Color: Multicam | Size: Small/Reg
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-MC0RM | Color: Multicam | Size: Medium/Reg
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-MC0LM | Color: Multicam | Size: Medium/Long
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-MC0RL | Color: Multicam | Size: Large/Reg
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-MC0LL | Color: Multicam | Size: Large/Long
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-MC0RXL | Color: Multicam | Size: X-Large/Reg
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-MC0LXL | Color: Multicam | Size: X-Large/Long
PN: 1212P-A7-0122-C10-MC0R2XL | Color: Multicam | Size: 2XL/Reg