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Beyond Clothing


Beyond Clothing OM-0188-C10 A5 Stretch Alpha Sweater

The Beyond Clothing OM-0188-C10 A5 Stretch Alpha Sweater from Down Range Tactical Outfitters is perfect garment for active use in cold, wet environments. The Stretch Alpha Sweater combines the warmth and moisture transport of an insulating layer with the durability and mobility of a softshell. The jacket is built out of three layers; starting with a grid fleece that pulls moisture away from the body towards a layer of Polartec® Alpha® Insulation. The Alpha® Insulation traps and retains body heat while continuing to transport moisture to the outer shell where moisture spreads and evaporates. The final layer is a flexible 4-way stretch woven fabric that is highly durable and protects you from the wind and rain. Wear the Stretch Alpha Sweater if you need to stay warm, dry, and protected while on the move.


• Polartec® Alpha® Insulation - 60g
• Polartec® Power Grid® Fleece
• Tweave® Durastretch® Nylon with DWR
• Insulated hood
• Front zip
• Internal left chest pocket
• Hand pockets
• Made in the USA


PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-GRYRS | Color: Grey | Size: Small/Reg
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-GRYRM | Color: Grey | Size: Medium/Reg
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-GRYLM | Color: Grey | Size: Medium/Long
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-GRYRL | Color: Grey | Size: Large/Reg
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-GRYLL | Color: Grey | Size: Large/Long
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-GRYRXL | Color: Grey | Size: X-Large/Reg
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-GRYLXL | Color: Grey | Size: X-Large/Long
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-GRYR2XL | Color: Grey | Size: 2XL/Reg

PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-NVYRS | Color: Navy | Size: Small/Reg
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-NVYRM | Color: Navy | Size: Medium/Reg
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-NVYLM | Color: Navy | Size: Medium/Long
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-NVYRL | Color: Navy | Size: Large/Reg
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-NVYLL | Color: Navy | Size: Large/Long
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-NVYRXL | Color: Navy | Size: X-Large/Reg
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-NVYLXL | Color: Navy | Size: X-Large/Long
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-NVYR2XL | Color: Navy | Size: 2XL/Reg

PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-RGNRS | Color: Ranger Green | Size: Small/Reg
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-RGNRM | Color: Ranger Green | Size: Medium/Reg
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-RGNLM | Color: Ranger Green | Size: Medium/Long
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-RGNRL | Color: Ranger Green | Size: Large/Reg
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-RGNLL | Color: Ranger Green | Size: Large/Long
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-RGNRXL | Color: Ranger Green | Size: X-Large/Reg
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-RGNLXL | Color: Ranger Green | Size: X-Large/Long
PN: 1212P-OM-0188-C10-RGNR2XL | Color: Ranger Green | Size: 2XL/Reg