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IR.Tools™ Infrared Covert Field Hybrid NWU IR Patch - Navy Jack

The IR.Tools™ Infrared Navy Jack NWU Type III Covert Field IR Patch from Down Range Tactical Outfitters is made with IR.Tools™ exclusive SandStorm Technology™, an exclusive process that protects against water, sand and debris unlike traditional Honeycomb style patches. The IR Film is a single layer film which prevents these patches from peeling, falling apart or failure to glow.

The Hybrid IR Field Patch prevents friendly fire casualties and injuries in covert operations. The Hybrid IR Field Patch retro-reflect infrared energy and absorbs white light (flashlight) to keep soldiers positions hidden. The Hybrid IR Field Patch can only be viewed with a Night Vision Goggles (NVG's) or other Night Vision Devices.


• Material: Sandstorm Technology™ IR Film
• Use: Covert Operations
• Style: Hybrid
• Fabric: 1000 Denier Cordura®
• Size: 3.75" x 2.125"
• Precision laser cut design
• IR patch can be viewed by Night Vision devices or NVG's
• Durable Velcro® hook backing
• Custom patches, colors and sizes available
• Made in the USA


PN: P-0036-09-001 | Color: AOR-1 NWU Type III
PN: P-0036-11-001 | Color: AOR-2 NWU Type III