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Norotos 1555010 Standard Rugged NVG Helmet Mount w/ Strap Assembly

The Norotos 1555010 Standard Rugged NVG Helmet Mount w/ Strap Assembly from Down Range Tactical Outfitters is the most widely used night vision helmet mount in the US military with over 2 million units in service. Availing a long-lasting enduring stability, the “RHNO” signifies the groundwork for the Norotos’ commitment to incessant progression of high-performance night vision mounting systems.

Having established the benchmark for superior quality and high-strength durable stability, the Standard “RHNO” Mount maximizes field use through customizable fit including Tilt and Fore/Aft-Eye-Relief Adjustment. With intuitively placed controls that ensure safe and easy operationally secure tactile differentials for HORN style NVGs.

Force-to-Overcome Deploy/Stow Release activates through decisively temperate user pressure to engage goggles in flip-up/flip-down amid safeguarding desired activation. Auto Shut-Off initiates when NVGs are in stowed position. Specifically designed for use with Norotos Shrouds, Strap Assembly with Clips offers additional security and stability for one-hole and three-hole helmets, while essential for no-hole helmets.

The Standard Rugged Helmet Mount inaugurates the establishment of over twenty years of Norotos’ dedication to being the forerunner in developing night vision mounting systems with relentless passion—delivering the pinnacle in Anti-Wobble Optimized helmet mounting solutions.


• Ergonomically Optimized Tilt and Fore/Aft-Eye-Relief Adjustment Levers for a custom-fit user experience
• Force-to-Overcome Deploy/Stow Release enables single-handed decisive user pressure flip-up/flip-down
• Horn Style NVG Compatible for PVS-7B/D & PVS-14
• Auto Shut-Off when NVG in stow position or removed from mount
• Durable Helmet Mount Surface Finishes withstand extreme environmental and field conditions
• Safe & Easy Operational Tactile Differentials on operating levers, knobs, and buttons


PN: 1555010-3-BLK (PASGT - Black)
PN: 1555010-3-TAN (PASGT - Tan)
PN: 1555010-4-BLK (MICH/ACH - Black)
PN: 1555010-4-TAN (MICH/ACH - Tan)


NSN: 5855-01-551-4525 | PN: 1555010-4-BLK (Black)


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