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Revision Military


Revision Military Viper MICH/ACH Visor System

The Revision Military Viper MICH/ACH Visor System w/ Mandible Case from Down Range Tactical Outfitters is a multi-position Visor that integrates with Viper MPAS system to create a perfect facial seal for total eye and face protection and is part of the Modular Protection System (MPS). The Viper Visor System includes three-position attachment arm and sealing gasket. A Microfiber Pouch comes standard or choose the optional Storage Case that can be used to store mandible guard when not in use.

The Visor attaches to Revision Military's Batlskin Viper helmets and most MICH/ACH helmets using the Viper Front Mount.


• Fits Viper and most MICH/ACH Helmets in conjunction with Viper Front Mount
• High-Impact Protection: High-impact system exceeds stringent, military-grade ballistic impact requirements
• Ocumax Anti-Fog Coating: Tested under EN 166 standards, Revision’s OcuMax Plus is proven to last longer than competing anti-fog solutions by a factor of 10-20 times, is chemical-resistant and prevents scratches, streaks and smears
• Multi-Position: Visor rotates along its hinge and sets in the three fixed positions - locked, vented and raised. From full-seal ballistic coverage to, ajar and aired to up and open, this modular component is uniquely versatile and situation adaptable
• Flawless Optics: Head System Visors are manufactured and extensively tested to meet the same intensive optical standards as Revision's renound eyewear lines.
• Ballistic performance (V50): 245 m/s (804 FPS), 1.1 g (17 gr) fs
• Impact Protection: High mass tested at 70 joules when impacted at the front and sides as a separate unit and in conjunction with Batlskin Mandible Guard
• Weight: 275 g (9.7 oz) - Full System (Lens and Arm) Size Medium
• Visor Lens with Three-Position Attachment Arm
• Sealing Gasket
• Optional Black Storage Case
• Made in the USA
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NOTE: Typically ships from Manufacturer. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery if not in stock.


PN: 4-0505-5032 | Size: Small w/ Microfiber Pouch
PN: 4-0505-5033 | Size: Medium w/ Microfiber Pouch
PN: 4-0505-5034 | Size: Large w/ Microfiber Pouch
PN: 4-0505-5035 | Size: X-Large w/ Microfiber Pouch

PN: 4-0505-5028 | Size: Small w/ Storage Case
PN: 4-0505-5029 | Size: Medium w/ Storage Case
PN: 4-0505-5030 | Size: Large w/ Storage Case
PN: 4-0505-5031 | Size: X-Large w/ Storage Case